Andrew Glouberman
Biological Information
Born Andrew Glouberman (age 13)
Gender Male
Eye Color                  Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Personal Information
Interests Basketball
Jazz music
Family Marty Glouberman (father)
Barbara Glouberman (mother)
Friends Nick Birch
Jessi Glaser
Jay Bilzerian
Hormone Monster
Duke Ellington
Lovers Missy (ex-girlfriend)
Debut "Ejaculation"
Voiced By John Mulaney

Andrew Glouberman is one of two of the main protagonist of the Netflix adult animated show, Big Mouth. Series creator's Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg based the main protagonists Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman on themselves. Even though Nick Kroll actually voices his animated counterpart, Andrew Goldberg does not. Instead of being voiced by his real-world counterpart, Andrew is voiced by comedic actor and writer, John Mulaney.

Andrew is a shy and timid young teenager who is currently going through puberty. Every day, he's constantly being harassed by the Hormone Monster as he grows and matures into a man



Andrew is portrayed as the socially-awkward, physically more mature best friend of Nick Birch. He resides in suburban New York and is the only child of Jewish parents, Marty and Barbara Glouberman. He is enrolled in the 7th grade at Bridgeton Middle School and is the new member of the Jazz Club.

Andrew is currently going through puberty and is often being pestered by Maurice the Hormone Monster.

Physical Apperance

Andrew has a pudgy, pear-shaped physique. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, a mustache, and wears black glasses.



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