Hormone Monster
The Hormone Monster
Biological Information
Born Maurice (age 1,000+)
Gender Male
Eye Color                  Jade
Hair Color Brown
Race/Ethnicity Monster
Personal Information
Interests Cashews
Anything risque
Family Unknown
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Lovers Hormone Monstress (on-off lover)
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Debut "Ejaculation"
Voiced By Nick Kroll

The Hormone Monster, whose real name is Maurice (commonly known as Maury) is one of the main characters in the adult animation series, Big Mouth. Arguably the most popular character in Big Mouth, Maurice is a hormone monster who guides Andrew through the stages of puberty. He is potrayed by the series' co-creator, Nick Kroll.



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Maurice's origin story was briefly explained in the opening of "Requiem for a Wet Dream". According to Maurice, he was born when a blue alien comes to Earth and proceeds to have sex with the Earth, creating mountains, rivers, and volcanoes.

In "The Head Push", Maurice is having a conference with Connie. It is revealed that two have had a long history together. The Monsters had their first kiss together on Pangaea when the dinosaurs just left on their spaceship. With the dinosaurs gone, Maurice and Connie had the planet to themselves.

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