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I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah
Coach Steve preping the music
Released September 29th, 2017
Writer(s) Kelly Galuska
Song(s) "Life is a Fucked Up Mess" (performed by the cast of Big Mouth)
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"The Head Push"
"The Pornscape"

I Survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah is the nineth episode of Big Mouth.

Family blow-ups, secret liaisons, and an unflattering dress make Jessi's bat mitzvah a night to remember.

Episode Summary

The episode first opens with one of Guy Bilzerian's many law commercials showcasing how he will defend anyone for absolutely any reason (including leaving his family).

The episode truly begins at the Birch household where Diane & Elliot are confronting their children about the party Leah threw. Diane simply grounds Leah and Judd for three weeks as punishment for the party and the alcohol. Nick questions why he isn't punished just like his two older siblings. Diane reassures him that he's still her baby and that he's going to be at Jessi's bat mitzvah.

Meanwhile at the Glouberman household, Missy and Andrew's parents are informing them that they can no longer be together after they lied about going to the movies.

At Jessi's house, Shannon and Greg are arguing once again after Greg's band backs out at the last minute to play at the bat mitzvah. Jessi, in the other room, is angry that her mother continues to yell at her father even though she was cheating on him with another woman.

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  • Andrew revealed that Missy is 6 months older than he is.
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