Jay Bilzerian
Jay Bilzerian
Biological Information
Born Jay Bilzerian (age 40)
Gender Male
Eye Color                  Brown
Hair Color Black
Race/Ethnicity Armenian
Personal Information
Interests Magic
Family Guy Bilzerian (father)
Unnamed mother
Val Bilzerian (older brother)
Kurt Bilzerian (older brother)
Friends Nick Birch
Andrew Glouberman
Jessi Glaser
Lovers Pam
Jessi Glaser
Enemies Devin
Debut "Ejaculation"
Voiced By Jason Mantzoukas

Jay Bilzerian is one of the main characters in the adult animation series, Big Mouth. A sexual deviant and aspiring magician, Jay is a close friend of Nick, Andrew, and Jessi and often seeks to hang out with them due to his troubled home life.

He is portrayed by comedic actor Jason Mantzoukas.



Jay comes from a moderately wealthy family with his parents and two older brothers. Despite their wealth, his family appears to be very dysfunctional and odd. His father, who is referenced many times throughout the show, is a DUI attorney who is known for his many commercials and ads. His brothers are both older teens who often bully and tease Jay. Aside from that, they too have many sexual perversions just like their younger brother. His mother is currently unnamed, but she used to be institutionalized in a mental hospital.

Physical Apperance

Jay is a young teenager with a slim build, who has spiked black hair, brown eyes, olive complexion, large full lips, and a long narrow nose. He also has large, thick eyebrows with 3 visible strands in between them. He typically wears a dark gray vest over a white t-shirt, indigo jeans, and black sneakers.



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