Biological Information
Born Lola (age 13)
Gender Female
Eye Color                  Dark Purple
Hair Color Blonde
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Personal Information
Interests Everything about Devin
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Unnamed step-father
Friends Devin
Lovers Mr. Lizer (crush)

Andrew Glouberman (Ex Boyfriend)

Enemies Jessi Glaser
Jay Bilzerian
Andrew Glouberman
Debut "Ejaculation"
Voiced By Nick Kroll
We're wearing a ton of hairspray, you psycho! ("Ejaculation")

Lola Ugfuglio Skumpy is a supporting character in the Netflix adult animated series, Big Mouth. Lola is the loud and obnoxious "best friend" of Devin (whom she's obsessed with). She is voiced by Nick Kroll.

Series Overview

Lola has commonly appeared in Big Mouth as a supporting character, rarely seen without Devin. So far, she has appeared in every episode except in "Am I Gay?, "Pillow Talk", and "The Head Push".

Lola makes her debut in "Ejaculation", where she is first seen in Ms. Kazan's class. Her first speaking appearance in the episode is at the dance where Jay Bilzerian shows her and Devin a dangerous magic trick. This causes Lola to label him a psycho and the two girls walk away.

In "Everybody Bleeds", Lola's appearances are brief, but she does speak a decent amount. She is first shown gushing over Mr. Lizer on the way to the Statue of Liberty. She also asks to speak to Devin in private once she notices her bonding with Jessi.

Lola's most focused-on episode is "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", where she, Devin, and Missy are invited to Jessi's sleepover. Throughout the night, Lola is constantly throwing insults at Jessi and Missy, while she allows Devin to insult her. After an entire fiasco of fights and crying, the girls somewhat make amends and decide to watch Nathan Fillion together.

In "Girls Are Horny Too", Lola is one of the many girls who is lusting over The Rock of Gibralter. When Jessi makes her way down the hallway in her new bra, Devin and Lola are standing aside making crude comments about her. Lola approaches Jessi and insinuates that Jessi thinks she's a Kardashian with the new bra on. She then proceeds to pull on Jessi's bra strap, causing the latter to run to the bathroom crying.


"Devin is mine!"

After her absence in "Pillow Talk", Lola reappears in Ms. Benitez's science class in "Requiem for a Wet Dream". The class must break into teams of three for the upcoming Science Fair. When Lola hears this news, she grabs a beaker and smashes it on the table to make a sharp-pointed weapon. She grabs Devin and threatens the class that Devin is her's.


Biography and Background

Lola's background is briefly mentioned several times in "Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality", as comic remarks. Her family life has shown to stress her out and get her quite emotional. She stated that her mother divorced her father and married another man who lives in a completely different state. Because Devin told her to do so, Lola spreads a rumor about her self-claiming that she and her mother are a lesbian couple.

Physical Apperance

Differing from the other females in the show, Lola has a larger body shape than others and happens to be the only major female character in the show to be voiced by a man rather than a woman. She has pale skin, a rather large forehead, dark purple eyes, small singular eyelashes, a blonde hair that's curly at the bottom and straight at the top, while styled with full fringe bangs.

She casually wears a violet-red shirt under a lilac purple jacket with white trimmings and a matching lilac purple skirt. For footwear, she wears light pink heels with socks. Her accessories include orange button earrings and an orange necklace.


Lola is Devin's loud and obnoxious best friend. She's rude and doesn't appear to get along well with others. When it comes to Devin, however, Lola is shown to be submissive to anything Devin says. Devin even proudly told Jessi that she makes Lola spread rumors about herself, to which she full-heartedly does. When Devin insults Lola, she crookedly laughs along with Devin even if her feelings are hurt.


Lola maliciously dubbing Jessi a "slut" at Jessi's very own Bat Mitzvah.

Aside from her submissive side, Lola is one of the more aggressive characters on the show and is often considered to be a bigger bully than Devin. In "Requiem for a Wet Dream", she threatened her fellow classmates with a broken glass beaker to not choose Devin as their Science fair partner. In "Girls Are Horny Too", Lola humiliates Jessi by pulling her bra strap in front of the school.



Jessi Glaser






  • She is the tallest female student in her class and the overall 3rd tallest student, only being shorter than Matthew and DeVon.
  • She has a rough personal life:
    • Her mother divorced her father and re-married another man who lives in a completely different state.
    • She often has to Uber to school.
    • She often has to fly out of state to see her mother and still make it to school.
    • Devin apparently kissed her step-father without Lola knowing.
  • She's the only major female character on the show to be voiced by male rather than a female. In her cause, she is voiced by series co-creator, Nick Kroll.
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