Pillow Talk
Duke telling the boys about New York.
Released September 29th, 2017
Writer(s) Peter A. Knight
Song(s) "Never Lost in New York City" (performed by Jordan Peele & John Mulaney)
Absent Hormone Monstress
Episode Guide
"Girls Are Horny Too"
"Requiem for a Wet Dream"

Pillow Talk is the fifth episode of the Netflix adult animated sitcom, Big Mouth.

Nick drags Andrew into the city to visit an old camp crush, but the day doesn't go as planned. Jay embarks on an emotional journey with his pillow.

Cast & Characters

Main Cast

Aslo Starring


  • Several of the show's main characters either did not appear or had minor roles.
    • Missy only appears at the beginning of the episode with the rest of the Jazz Club.
    • Hormone Monster only appears at the beginning of the episode as well but had slightly more screentime than Missy.
    • Hormone Monstress doesn't appear in the episode at all.
    • Jessi and Coach Steve only appear in the very beginning and the very end of the episode.
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