Requiem for a Wet Dream
Andrew and Hormone Monster arguing.
Released September 29th, 2017
Writer(s) Duffy Boudreau
Song(s) "I Feel Like Shit (This Must Be Love)" (performed by John Mulaney & Jenny Slate)
Absent Hormone Monstress
Episode Guide
"Pillow Talk"
"The Head Push"

Requiem for a Wet Dream is the seventh episode of the Netflix adult animated sitcom, Big Mouth.

Andrew struggles to keep the Hormone Monster in check as he works with Missy on a science fair project. Jessi and Matthew have fun at Jay's expense.

Cast & Characters

Main Cast

Aslo Starring


  • This is the Hormone Monstress' second time in a row where she is absent from an episode.
    • This episode marks her overall third time she's been absent in the series.
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